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Somerset Willow 6 - Natural Cotton Liners <em>included with all Somerset caskets</em>

Somerset Willow 6 - Natural Cotton Liners included with all Somerset caskets

Available through the Natural Burial Company

Somerset Willow's casket line

Somerset Willow Coffins include an unbleached cotton liner with every casket. While well-woven, these liners aren't completely waterproof. The liners are tied in and any absorbent cloth pad can be added just prior to use if needed.

Ties can be shown (as pictured) or concealed. Woven willow handles are standard and test to the full weight of the casket. Natural hemp rope handles may also be special ordered in advance.

Visit our Resellers' Page or email us to find a Funeral Service Provider in your area who has one in stock or will order one for you.

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