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9.5 Meynell's Plain Pine Coffin - Unfinished

9.5 Meynell's Plain Pine Coffin - Unfinished

This solid pine coffin is made from wood secured from sustainably managed forests. These coffins are regularly distributed throughout the UK for woodland burial and cremation.

There are no handles or hinges supplied. Many funeral homes are accustomed to acquiring handles for their customers, and this "blank-slate" coffin provides opportunities for direct personalization. If you would like a choice of handles to be applied, contact the Natural Burial Company for our selection.

This 6'2 coffin has an exterior dimension of 6'4" x 24" and weighs 30 kilos/66 pounds.

It is sanded smooth and is unfinished, with a graceful bent-wood contour that is elegant while remaining simple. It's an excellent product that would benefit even more from an additional minimal finishing to make it suitable for final presentation - an ideal small side business for one of your local artists!

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