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8.1 Passages-Tribute Willow and Seagrass Coffin

8.1 Passages-Tribute Willow and Seagrass Coffin

This coffin is handcrafted of seagrass, willow and cane by skilled weavers. It is suitable for green burial and clean cremation. Each casket features convenient handles for carrying, along with an interior calico lining, pillow and shroud. The caskets are simple to close.

Both the willow and seagrass plants are fast growing, easy to harvest and require no fertilizers. They replenish fertility in depleted soils in addition to providing habitats for birds and insects.They also act as windbreaks, stabilize soil and combat both river and coastal erosion.

Since the caskets are handmade, they may vary slightly in color and appearance. Each casket is fitted with wood runners on the underside to provide added strength and simplify transfer into funeral vehicles and the cremation retort.

Each casket is weight tested to 300 lbs.

5' 9" .....
6' 1" .....
6' 5" .....
Includes cotton liner

Visit our Resellers' Page or email us to find a Funeral Service Provider in your area who has one in stock or will order one for you.

*Flowers Not Included

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